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(ee-roar-ee) translates to "hearth" in Japanese.

A traditional irori was a sunken hearth used to both cook and heat the home, powered by charcoal.

Open fire cooking has been used across many cultures as a means to come together and socialize.
Join us in this outdoor pop-up series and explore Yakitori and other Yatai-inspired cooking.

irori X kid sister

We are proud to support irori while our wine bar & restaurant space is under construction.

Much like this pop-up series, our menu will be fluid, thoughtful and encourage you to try something new.

See you at the next event :)

No upcoming events at the moment

Chefs Isaac Mendoza and Zion Yaegashi Culley connected over a shared interest in Japanese cooking. The two will create different menus for each event with a spotlight on local produce and vendors.

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